1. The competition is open to all singing ensembles that can perform contemporary a cappella.

2. The competition is open to contemporary a cappella singing ensembles whose members are currently residing within and outside the Philippines and at least sixteen (16) years old at the time of registration. All minor participants must secure guardian or parental consent.

3. The contest is open to groups with a minimum of three (3) to a maximum of twelve (12) members.

4. Competing groups can be all male, all female, or mixed voices.

5. No instruments are allowed whether as textural add-ons or counterpoints.

6. Rhythmic body percussion is allowed such as snapping of fingers, clapping of hands and stomping of feet.

7. In the Semi-Final and Final Rounds of the competition, each finalist is allotted a maximum of eight (8) minutes for the performance. Time immediately starts on the first note and ends when the group finishes its last song. No time warning is given during the competition proper. In the event the group exceeds the allotted time limit, the judges expressly reserve the right to deduct corresponding point/s from the group.

8. Regardless of the reason, any members of the group who already performed in the Semi-Finals cannot be replaced in the Finals.

9. Competing groups are required to include in their repertoire of original arrangements at least one (1) full Filipino POP song from the 1980s.

10. ONE SONG in the repertoire should be arranged without vocal percussion.

11. The competition is also a showcase for inventive and creative adaptation and arrangements of existing or newly-composed pieces for a cappella groups. Each group must guarantee EXCLUSIVITY of their arrangements.

12. If qualified to the LIVE AUDITIONS (Level2), competing groups shall be required to submit five (5) hard copies of their repertoire's arrangements at least three (3) days before the scheduled live auditions.

13. A group may perform the same set of songs throughout the whole competition process.

14. Performing in more than one (1) competing group is strictly prohibited.

15. Stage movement is highly encouraged.

16. The organizers reserve the right to make audio and video recordings of the event. Competition entrants agree to their inclusion in the aforesaid recordings free of any charge/fee. The organizers also reserve the right to publish pictures and names and other related information about the participants in its marketing materials..

17. The organizers reserve ownership rights over the recording and video sales and public showing of the event.

18. Prior to and during the entire period of the competition (July - October 2018), any entries cannot be performed publicly or broadcasted on the internet, radio, television, or through the use of mobile devices and any other media. Also, the said entries cannot be included in any other contests, occasions, or events whether within or outside the Philippines. Likewise, qualified entries to the Finals cannot be performed publicly or entered into any other contests without prior written permission or consent from the authorized representative of the organizers until after the said competition.

19. There will be a Grand Prize winner, First (1st) and Second (2nd) runners-up; and an Outstanding arrangement of a Filipino-composed song winner.

20. Immediate family members of the organizers including any of its media and non-media partners who are related within four (4) degrees by affinity or consanguinity are strictly disqualified from joining the competition.

21. A group is allowed to bring not more than two (2) production assistants to the competitions. The name and other personal circumstances of the said production assistants shall be made known to the organizer.

GRAND PRIZE: P250,000.00

FIRST RUNNER-UP: P150,000.00

All prizes are net of tax.